Economy Kickstarter Offer!

The offer

  • Professional services of a Business Analyst / Project Manager (BA/PM).
  • For the benefit of any project – it does not need to be analytics related.
  • Duration is 20 workings days.
  • The price is $20 excluding GST.
  • Offer is valued at $15K.
  • A testimonial and/or case study will be requested at end of the engagement, if justified.

You have the option to discontinue engaging the professional services of the BA/PM at any time. Conversely at the end of the engagement, you can choose to continue engaging the professional services of the BA/PM.


  • The resource is qualified and available for the greater Adelaide metropolitan area.
  • Lucid Insights has professional indemnity and public liability insurance to $20M each.
  • Lucid Insights is a supplier on the SA Govt panel for eProjects

Why the offer?

  • We are a new company trying to build a presence in the market which is extremely difficult in this current COVID-19 climate
  • We are trying to support our staff – people often find value in their lives through the work they do. Just trying to make sure they are working.
  • Genuinely would like to see South Australian economy recover as quickly as possible and this is a very small contribution to this effort.

Simple terms and conditions

  • Choice of BA/PM under the initial offer of $20 for 20 days will be made by Lucid Insights.
  • Preference will be given to new clients (any project type) or existing clients that are building supply chain resilience.
  • Payment is within 30 days at end of initial offer service.
  • Lucid Insights reserves the right to choose the company for which the initial offer is provided.
  • Ongoing services beyond the initial 20 days will be at standard Lucid Insights commercial terms at discounted rates for the current economic environment.
  • Offer starts 29th Apr 2020 and ends on 8th May 2020. An applicant must register between these dates.
  • Professional service should start by 25th May 2020.