Assessment – Data Analyst with Power BI /


The intent of the test is to primarily assess your capability to:

  • Develop quality self-service sales data model and visualisations that are both aesthetically pleasing as well as meaningful and functional.
  • Interact with a client from the perspective of being able to communicate data related concepts in plain English language. You will communicate your sales reporting visualisations to the sales manager.
  • Manage time constraints.
  • General creativity.

By default, you have creative flexibility with regards to what your produce, unless certain requirements are explicitly mentioned below.

You are welcome to use the internet as a resource (within the provided virtual machine) but be aware that this activity will consume your time and is likely to lead to a loss of productivity which in turn will affect your assessed ability.

Ensure you review the assessment checklist, before and as you proceed, to ensure adequate coverage in demonstrating your capability. By default, all skills mentioned are mandatory unless stated optional (bonus points).

It is important to be able to present something at the end of the test, so you may need to sacrifice delivering demonstrating a particular skill or set of skills to ensure delivery.


Overall duration is recommended to be 90 minutes (practical test is 60 minutes)

  • Reading time & setup checks [10m]
  • Practical test [60m] with timings as a guide.
    • Get Data [10m]
    • Power Query [15m]
    • Data Modelling [15m]
    • Visualisation [20m]
  • Presentation [10m]
  • Discussion of approach & thinking [10m]


Lucid Insights will not provide specific detail about assessed results but may, pending capacity and without obligation, provide feedback on where the attendee has the opportunity for improvement.