How to write a testimonial /

A good testimonial is:


Readers are wary of reading long-winded testimonials. Ideally, keep them just one-to-two sentences long.

A testimonial needs to propel the reader to action. The testimonial should be worded in a compelling manner reflecting the hopes and fears of the person behind it. Action-oriented and emotive words that capture emotions well are a good way to do that.


When you say something about a business, it should be your honest opinion. Yes, you bear a significant risk of the testimonial sounding blunt. But, a testimonial only works when it sounds authentic.


A long meandering testimonial that takes forever to arrive at the point kills conversions. It should be specific and describe the results/benefits that you received from our products & services.

Business Testimonial Statement Template

  • I needed help with (problem).
  • I was initially concerned about choosing (name) because (things that worried you).
  • What I found was (how they solved your issue).
  • The results that I got were (describe the results).
  • I particularly liked (specific feature).
  • I would recommend (name) to (who you recommend them to and why).

Testimonial Examples (existing Lucid Insights & others):

“Not only has Lucid Insights met every deadline and deliverable, they have also gone over and beyond their role in assisting with managing people and project streams, in a fast, complex and geographically diverse environment, in a mature and friendly way.”

Marcello Sequeira, Head of Analytics, APA Group

“Lucid Insights proved to be both professional and effective as well as being flexible and transparent in assisting us to implement some analysis, modelling and reporting for the purchasing function”

Chris Roberts, Operations Manager SA & QLD, Beaumont Tiles

“Just a note to say thank you for your time over the past couple of days and for the training provided to the HSE team on Power BI. I personally got a lot out of the time and learnt a great deal, and I know the feedback from the team was complementary also.”

Mark Beddows, HSE Manager, APA Group

“Our brand and website were looking a bit tired and old – we had tried to update ourselves but we just didn’t have the know-how. We came across Julie and the rest of the team from Marketing Eye and things started happening right away! Within days we had a new brand direction, a new modern looking and useable web design and a solid marketing plan – exactly what we needed. Thanks for the direction!”

Chris Reynolds, Managing Director, Champion System Australia – Quality sports clothing, tested for durance.

“We developed a great partnership with Orbit Media and their dedication to our website is evident in all aspects of the site. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to bringing our new exhibit to life online.”

Peggy Martin, Senior Director of Design & Communications, Lincoln Park Zoo