Pervasive intelligent data

Fantastic talk by Kenneth Cukier on TED. It’s only 15 minutes…give your brain some exercise. Yes this is yet another talk about BIG DATA…. oooohhhh…  ahhhh..

More importantly what he talks about is stepping past the HYPE and talks about the reality and potential in this space… letting people understand the real impact of data in our lives going forward. What he does do is highlight the obvious, well obvious to some.

Data is pervasive, algorithms activates the data and humans direct the algorithms

Key summary points to his talk:

  • Data has become fluid and liquid rather than static
  • Data tells us things…perhaps it is a signature of behaviours and activities
  • Data and algorithms are entangled (Data Activation)
  • Algorithms (aka machine learning & artificial intelligence) activate data, meaning it magnifies its impact and effect.
  • This “activation” (my words) will see disruption and benefits in a lot of areas e.g. identifying cancer triggers, self-driving cars…etc. This will be through “smart software or apps” applied to different integrated footprints which will be both physical and non-physical.
  • The Trend – data and algorithms everywhere (pervasive) – so expect disruption to be everywhere… he mentions the loss/change to jobs.
  • The Warning – this “activition” is technology based. Like fire we need to embrace it and it’s benefits but we need to be careful we don’t burn the house down!

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