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Do you thrive on solving problems, delighting customers and pushing the envelope?

The Lucid Insights team is deeply experienced and highly qualified. We operate across a range of industries and sectors, so we bring our own insights, broad perspectives and understanding to the table to unlock the true potential of your business.

We’re specialists who love nothing better than to supercharge our client’s business performance and opportunities with analytics, technology, and training. We’re agile, proactive and provide solutions that focus on our clients’ needs, not our own. From strategy through to implementation, each phase is tailored to your vision and takes in your whole-of-business view.

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Why Work With Us?


At Lucid Insights we value people, committed to ensuring you find meaning and enjoyment in your work.

Here’s some of the reasons why working with Lucid Insights is so great;

  • Work with some of Australia’s biggest names
  • Personal an professional development while building your brand/profile
  • A company that cares about your wellbeing
  • Breakfast and lunch club
  • Celebrate success
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Testimonials /What Our Employees Have to Say

Alma Chang
Working at Lucid Insights is absolutely challenging and rewarding at the same time. I have learned a lot from both Darren’s coaching and projects that we collaborate with our clients. Moreover, I like Lucid Insights’ organisational culture. Open to changes and feedback give employees flexibility and a sense of belonging.
Vivek Nimmagadda
I couldn't have asked for a better start to my professional career. I absolutely love every moment of my time spent with this amazing bunch of people here at Lucid Insights.
Soriyavithya Neang
I might be a little biased, but Lucid Insights is a wonderful place to work for. I learned a lot throughout my time at LI, growing professionally in both technical and soft skills. Not to mention a very fun working atmosphere that I will never get bored of.
Patricia Carpenedo
At Lucid Insights, I am on an enriching journey where I utilize the power of analytics to solve complex business challenges. It's an environment of continuous learning, growth, and impact, making it an excellent place to work.
Raghu Gorla
Since I started working at Lucid, I have seen tremendous growth professionally. I thank the team, specifically Darren, who made this possible through continuous mentoring and maintaining a great working culture at Lucid. I am excited about the opportunities and challenges I can see in my role.