Our Services /Advanced Analytics and Data Science

As advanced analytics and data-science-fuelled innovation shakes up industries, insight-driven organisations are leveraging these capabilities to create significant value and market differentiation. But to realise the true value of smart data they need holistic, strategic solutions, not just a new technology stack.

At Lucid Insights we apply our strategic expertise, analytical rigor and business pragmatism to ensure our clients can build data mining capabilities that enables value extraction through better decisions and actions, and importantly, creates insights and a competitive edge.

With our business-first mindset we leverage technologies including machine learning, streaming analytics and cognitive services to deliver significant capabilities that will enable your organisation to:

  • Forecast your operational activities such as sales
  • Predict if someone will be interest in your product
  • Cluster your customers for more effective sales and marketing
  • Identify and predict anomalies like fraudulent activity
  • Predict if a potential customer is a good credit risk